Day 2 in Portugal

Find out what the team have been up to on their pre-season training camp! Day 2 consisted of match preparation for game day tomorrow and a trip to the beach!


Preparations began for match day tomorrow, with the day consisting of a double training session. The team set off to another good start after a delicious breakfast; the focus for the day was counter attacking. The afternoon session consisted of set pieces and 10 v 10. After a well needed dip in the pool, to cool off after training in the sweltering heat, the players and staff went on an excursion to Vilamoura- the nearby marina and beach. The team enjoyed white sands and cooling blue waves, whilst soaking in the rays and getting their well-deserved rest. The winners from last night’s quiz received their prize of an ice cream. After dinner, on return to the resort, the payers received one to one feedback talks with Chris, on expectations for the game tomorrow. The rest of the team took advantage of the sporting facilities here and challenged each other to “friendly” games of tennis and beach volleyball. Fantastic to see the team bonding! Another early night required in preparation for the game tomorrow.