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About Salford and Manchester

Greater Manchester is an exciting place to live, play football and study. MIFA is less than one hour from over 20 fully professional football clubs including Liverpool and Everton!

Greater Manchester itself has a population of 2.2 million. Manchester and Salford are two cities which lie next to each other and are noted for their scientific and industrial backgrounds. A large industrialised urban area proved to be an excellent breeding ground for top sportsmen and women. A mass audience of workers looking to be entertained on a Saturday afternoon would ensure a passionate and knowledgeable crowd at the football match.

Manchester City play at the Etihad Arena in Manchester whilst Manchester United's 'Theatre of Dreams' is based at Old Trafford in Salford. Both stadiums are easily accessible by public transport but you may very well find yourself close enough to walk!

Greater Manchester is also a region noted for its music with bands like the Happy Mondays. Manchester's bars and restaurants ensure a vibrant nightlife. During the day the city offers a fantastic shopping experience, from top designers to high street stores, with the UK's largest indoor shopping centre, the famous Trafford Centre just five miles out of the centre. Right in the centre of Manchester is the MEN area, every nights, bands, musicians and shows tour, offering fantastic gigs.

London is only 2 hours 20 minutes by train from Manchester Piccadilly, where the capital sees home many other clubs including, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Fulham. London also offering fantastic tourism sites, including Buckingham palace, tower of London, Harrods and the London eye. Trains from Manchester go to all over the country, particularly popular is the Lake District, where rolling hills, lakes and picturesque landscapes make it the perfect spots for outdoor activities and soaking up the English sun. Also close by is Liverpool, home to the Beatles, Liverpool FC and Everton; the city becoming famous for its shopping and vibrant nightlife.

Trial's for the academy involve a full day of training, overseen by professionals. The day is split into two halves, one part being purely fitness testing and the second being a football training session. Here our experts get an idea of your ability and potential; a written report will be produced at the end of the day and someone will go through your strengths and weaknesses.

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Welcome to MIFA, the academy that allows you to train full time in a professional structure. Join a squad of young players from the UK and around the world, moving forwards together.


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