Partners and Agents

Dek Smith, India
Developing Sports and Wellness in India, through professional links, programmes and initiatives.
John Byrne, England
As the platform for new footballing talent expands globally, John hopes to be instrumental in ensuring that young and aspiring players from the UAE can demonstrate the importance of the region for harvesting footballing talent whilst they themselves become highly valued members of the MIFA family.
Next Level Sports Management , Bangladesh
NEXT LEVEL SPORTS MANAGEMENT (NLSM) is a sports consulting agency and academy that assists young, aspiring athletes connect with academy, collegiate and professional teams domestically and internationally.
SEGRA Football Academy, Nigeria
SEGRA Football Academy represents MIFA in Nigeria.
Gordon Hill International Football Academy, United States
Gordon Hill is one of only two English players to have played for England at all levels from Youth to 1st team.
Alirou Nsangou, Cameroon
Ali is an English FA awarded licensed psychologist and coach, based between the UK and Cameroon.