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Minerva`s Virtual Academy

Manchester International Football Academy have partnered with Minerva`s Virtual Academy because we believe that online learning is a great opportunity for our players.

"Minerva is the fastest growing online school with a buzzing community of students from all over the world."

Minerva is an affordable, online independent school for for pupils aged 11-18. Its flexible and allows students to work towards and achieve qualifications recognised by universities, colleges and employers. 

"Students learn at their own pace through a mixture of live group lessons and online modules, all with the support of a personal mentor."

Education is vital and Minerva`s virtual format makes it accessible worldwide. This is especially great for our international players as it means that any of the Minerva virtual courses they begin during their time at MIFA, can be continued after the programmes completion when they return home. 

As well as recognising the importance of education, Minerva also acknowledges the importance of other aspects of school life. For example, socialising. Minerva runs after school clubs, weekly assemblies and provides platforms for students to form online study groups because, like in football, it`s important that students can communicate and work well as part of a team.

Minerva also offer other services as part of their courses such as:

Here at MIFA, we understand the value and importance of education. Minerva`s Virtual Academy makes it accessible, giving more people the opportunity to learn and achieve.