2024 Team




Raj Aryan, India
Raj Aryan
It was my pleasure to be at MIFA, and I would surely recommend it to any players looking to develop their game.
Sakib Islam, England
Sakib Islam
Training under professional coaches helped me gain a lot of experience, throughout my time here I have enjoyed and learnt a lot as a player and as a person, all thanks to my coach at MIFA.
Rudra Pratap, India
Rudra Pratap
It`s excellent, everyone is friendly with you and the coaches are very nice.
Mario Hoxha, England
Mario Hoxha
The football is very enjoyable.
Marinath Jeevanatham, India
Marinath Jeevanatham
The professionalism of the academy, how interactive and friendly everyone has been and I`ve only been here for a week.
Koanda Douada, Burkina Faso
Koanda Douada
Everybody is friendly, like a family, the training is better than being at the previous academy I was at in London.
Lisa Robertson, England
Lisa Robertson
We would just like to say a really big thank you for all your kindness shown during our visit to Manchester.
Mason Hampson, England
Mason Hampson
I have enjoyed my time at MIFA during my course, it was definitely worth it.
Kamil Grzywaz, Poland
Kamil Grzywaz
The atmosphere here is great.
Harish Venkatesan, India
Harish Venkatesan
Honestly, it has been a dream for me to play football here.
Paolo Prato, Italy
Paolo Prato
MIFA for me has been like a family, with great people and a great environment that helps you develop in to a better person.
Sachin Kumar, England
Sachin Kumar
The 3 days I was at MIFA was the best experience I have had in my footballing career.
Vlad Kosovac, Australia
Vlad Kosovac
I came to MIFA to enrol on a 4 week training and conditioning course.
Melvin Gambanga, England
Melvin Gambanga
Being at MIFA gave me a great insight into what life is like in a full time football Academy.
Jeff Sargeant (Jack Sargeant), Australia
Jeff Sargeant  (Jack Sargeant)
This is just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful program you provide.
Vincent Dheshi, England
Vincent Dheshi
I like how professional the set up and football training sessions are at MIFA.
Moa Spindari, Norway
Moa Spindari
I`ve been at MIFA for the past 8 months and the reason I enjoy it so much is because the academy allows you to train everyday so I improve and develop as a player.