These terms and conditions cover all courses offered by Manchester International Football Academy (MIFA). They are effective from August 2012 and cover all home and overseas students/players. A players enrollment and payment for the course will serve as an agreement to these terms.

Code of Conduct


  1. All players registered with Manchester International Football Academy are accountable for their behaviour and conduct. Any abuse (physical or verbal) against members of the public, staff or other players will be treated with ZERO tolerance and will result in the immediate removal from the Academy

  2.  All players must arrive at the Academy on time and be ready to start football sessions at the time stated on the timetable. Lateness will result in the individual player missing the session. Players who are late/miss 2 sessions in any week will not start in the following match. Please note (except with mitigating circumstances) lateness/absence will be recorded and noted on any evaluation/records and could be passed onto enquiring clubs/scouts.

  3. Players are expected to attend 100% of the training schedule. International Students must be aware that if they miss 10 study days consecutively without contacting MIFA, they will be reported to the UK Border Agency.

  4. Players are entirely responsible for organising their own medical insurance. Bearing in mind the possible threat to your professional career if you were to sustain some disabling injury during your time at MIFA, you may wish to consider arranging insurance cover for personal accident/injury.

  5. Players who are provided with accommodation by MIFA will follow any code of conduct or in-house guidelines and procedures that are laid down by the accommodation provider and/or the Academy.

  6.  MIFA take your security and safety very seriously, ensuring we create the best environment for you to achieve your football and academic goals. MIFA ensure the safety of all players while at our training facilities and accommodation. We cannot ensure player safety outside these premises and players are urged to practise caution and self awareness to keep themselves safe.

  7. MIFA would like to make it clear that responsibility for students' personal belongings rests solely with the students themselves, even when those belongings are in MIFA buildings. We suggest that each student has adequate insurance to cover their belongings.

  8. Team selections for matches will be made on merit and at the discretion of the Manager and Coaching staff.

Fees, Payments and Refunds

  1. The amount of fees due and the due date will be shown to you as part on the enrolment process whether that be online, over the phone or via email. Tuition fees are payable in full at the start of the session without exception. Students should make arrangements to ensure the prompt payment of fees by the due date.

  2. You must pay all bank charges incurred when paying via bank transfer. All academy places and bookings of training/accommodation/airport transfers will not be made/confirmed until full payment has been completed.

  3. Payment can be made online, by bank transfer, cheque (made payable to Manchester International Football Academy) or by debit/credit card. Payments will be counted as completed once the credit shows in the MIFA account. A bank transfer may take up to one week to reach the Academy’s account and Certificates of Enrolment can only be issued after the funds or deposit have cleared into the Academy’s account.

  4. A student, who is in debt to MIFA for any reason, will not be permitted to progress to the next session and will be charged a late penalty. Penalties are as follows; Payment not received one week after start of the session: £50 charge. Payment not received two weeks after start of session: a further £50 Charge. Payments not received three weeks after start of session: £100 charge with an additional £100 charge for each further week overdue. These penalty charges also apply to all monies owing to the academy including accommodation, football coaching and any other expanses.

  5. Any credit card payments which are rejected on processing will incur an additional administration fee of £25.00

  6. Sponsored Students: Where you will be financially supported by an external MFA will expect to receive, before the day of enrolment, confirmation in writing from this sponsor that they agree to pay MIFA subject to these terms and conditions. Until this is provided to the Administration you remain liable for the full fee.

  7.  Students having difficulty, for whatever reason in paying fees of any kind to the academy are strongly advised to discuss their problem with a member of staff. The academy will make every effort to view the situation of individual students sympathetically, but it is bound ultimately to collect any income owed.
  8.  Refunds will not be issued to students who decide to withdraw from a course after the session has started. Your booking can be moved to the next available course with no additional fee or charges if administrators are notified two weeks prior to the start of the session but we cannot guarantee that there will be places available on the next session. In this case the next available space will be offered.
  9. Players registered will remain on the course until completion; any players wishing to leave during a course will receive no refunds of monies paid. Players asked to leave will NOT be entitled to refunds.

  10. All purchases are made in British Pounds Sterling. All goods and services advertised on this website are fully inclusive of duty and VAT (where applicable), and is the final price that will be billed. Invoices are available upon request. Our services are rendered in the UK which is why we must charge VAT.

  11. We would prefer you not to make payments until you are certain you will be attending, as full fees cannot be returned or refunded. Where players notify us in writing 2 weeks before the start of their course a 80% refund will be given. After this a 60% refund will be issued. Refunds will only be issued via the original payment method and only made to the person or organisation from whom the fees were received.


  1. Cancellations made due to visa refusal will result in a loss of deposit payment. The student must supply MIFA with the original notice of refusal from the British Embassy or Consulate. No refund of tuition fees can be made until the MIFA administration have received and processed this refusal and verified its authenticity.

  2. Should any circumstances change it is the student's responsibility to keep MIFA informed of all changes, in particular of any changes of home address, emergency contact name/numbers or of any medical information

  3. The player agrees that MIFA keeps their personal records on its computerised systems; records will be kept within the data protection act.

  4. Any recordings (video/photographs/voice recordings), by MIFA staff, made of players taking part in Football/Academic sessions and matches may be used by MIFA in any/all marketing literature and on the web site. Players who would not like to feature should write to the Academy to express this.

  5. Airport Transfers: Players arranging transport with the Academy must make their arrangements with the Academy Administrator 2 days before the journey. Journeys can be arranged to/from Train Stations and Airports in Manchester ONLY. If you are due to arrive in a different airport/train station we may be able to arrange transport at an additional charge. Failure to make arrangements within the specified times will result in players forfeiting the transfer.  No refund will be issued for missed transfers.

International Players

  1. Immigration control in the UK affects everyone who is not a British Citizen. The Home Office is the Government department responsible for determining UK immigration policy. Particular rules apply to students who are EU/EEA and Non EU/EEA nationals.
    The following link explains this in more detail:

  2. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that they have the correct visa to train and/or study in the UK.

  3. If a player does not attend training and/or lessons for 10 consecutive sessions the Academy will report their absence to the UKBA.

  4. MIFA will provide an acceptance letter or a letter of invitation to players who have confirmed their places at MIFA. Players will be classed as being a confirmed student once payment for their training programme has been completed. MIFA will not, under any circumstances be involved in the Visa application process other than in the provision of these documents. MIFA will never make any assurances to visa acceptance. At times players may have their visa applications rejected for a variety of reasons. MIFA can accept no responsibility for this whatsoever.

  5. If you choose to receive your acceptance letter via courier then you must pay the relevant charges.

  6. In the event that a visa application is not successful, it is the players responsibility to notify MIFA immediately. A copy of the official refusal letter must be provided. Where this is done 2 weeks before the course start date, a 80% refund will be given. After this a 60% refund will be issued. Refunds will only be issued via the original payment method and only made to the person or organisation from whom the fees were received.

  7. You must pay all bank charges incurred when paying course fees by bank transfer. All academy places and bookings of training/accommodation/airport transfers will not be made/confirmed until full payment has been completed.

All the items on this website are subject to change without prior warning at the discretion of the staff. MIFA retain the right to make alterations to the programme at any time.

Email: office@mifa.pro

If you have any queries please contact us.