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Coronavirus (COVID- 19) Update

The Coronavirus is now classed as a public health emergency of international concern. It is therefore very important we follow the government advice to keep ourselves safe and prevent spreading. Please do not panic, as the risk to individuals remains low.

As an international academy, it is important we prevent the spread and share of illnesses, diseases and viruses.

The academy shall follow the guidlines of the UK government, in regards to advice for educational institutions on the Coronavirus. We are currently open and intend to continue to do so, following guidelines.

We have spoken to our players about maintaining hygienic standards. If any players have travelled to a country or area identified on the government website as a high risk zone, special care zone or lockdown area, they are to follow advice and help from the National Health Service. Refraining from activities until safe to do so. (There are no current concerns with any students or staff.) We shall keep all our players updated and must stress the risk is currently identified as low. Updates to follow if required.