Day 3 in Portugal

Find out what the team have been up to on their pre-season training camp! Match day in Portugal!


Game day and the team woke up positive for the day ahead. After a lie in, granted after all their hard work over the past few days, the team awoke to a cloudy sky and cooling breeze, perfect match day temperature. They took part in a morning session of Pilates, stretching and relaxation followed by a stretch of their legs in the pool. Downtime and most of the players went for a siesta, ahead of the match in the evening. 6pm kick off and the team were ready and raring to go, the weather remaining cool and cloudy played an advantage to our players, who are used to the Manchester climate! 10 minutes into the game and MIFA conceded the first goal. Fighting back MIFA managed to score 3 goals before half time, 2 from Nathan turner and 1 from Josh Ramsden. The second half Nathan managed to pop another 2 goals, along with Campinense FC scoring a second and third, the final whistle went at a MIFA win 5 – 3 to Campinense FC. The atmosphere on site that evening was joyous and talks started for the next game- working towards another win!