Day 4 in Portugal

Find out what the team have been up to on their pre-season training camp! Day 4 in Portugal and the payers enjoy learning Portuguese and participating in a talent show!


The sun made a welcome appearance today and the weather returned to the sweltering heat originally anticipated for the trip. Manager Chris was particularly pleased to see players pushing themselves after the game yesterday evening, all fighting for a place in the squad on Wednesday. The afternoon consisted of another stretching and relaxation session followed by our Portuguese lesson led by Stefan. Not only did we enjoy learning some basic Portuguese speaking terms, but a brief history of the country in preparation for our exam next week! This evening was talent show night, where each player had to do a turn of either singing, dancing or telling a joke. The atmosphere was fantastic and so supportive, everyone involved had a good laugh and I think we all got to bond as a team! The dancing winners shall receive their prize on our next outing on Wednesday. Early night, in preparation for a long day of pre match training tomorrow.