Day 5 in Portugal

Find out what the team have been up to on their pre-season training camp! Day 5 and the mood was more relaxed, preparing for match day tomorrow.


The effects of the last 4 days training and playing in the Portuguese heat was starting to show. The morning began with an intense training session in preparation for tomorrow’s game, with the players all working towards a space on tomorrows team sheet. The session was captured by Brown's, catch the pictures here: bit.ly/2q7gWus  The afternoon was free time for the players, who agreed a rest would be more beneficial this close to game day. Sore muscles and exhaustion meant the camp was quiet in the afternoon, as the team took the time to sleep and relax. A team meeting was held for the match tomorrow afternoon against Quarteirense FC, with the team sheet announced. A recap on the expectations for the trip, reminded us all what we are aiming for and gave us all focus for the big day tomorrow. In the evening, many players took advantage of the sporting facilities, playing tennis, table tennis and in the high performance gym. It was great to experience the atmosphere around Brown’s and everyone making most of the amazing opportunity the trip has given us all.