2024 Team



Mario Hoxha

The football is very enjoyable.

Q - Why are you enjoying your time at MIFA?
A - The football is very enjoyable. The atmosphere is brilliant; everything links together to make it enjoyable.

Q - What do you like the most about being at MIFA?
A - Playing football everyday. Time well spent developing different skills.

Q - What would you say to people back home, that are thinking of coming to MIFA?
A - If you`re looking to develop your football career, then you should definitely come here.

Q - If you could describe MIFA in one word, what would it be?
A - Family.

Q - What do you think of your host family accommodation?
They are good people. They are very friendly and they welcomed me straight away.

Age: 20
Position: Central defender
Nationality: English
Country: England